Friday, June 13, 2014

Minimal for Friday

Hello weekend! Hope you all had a good week.

I shoot a lot of homes. The best part about it is, I have the opportunity to meet so many homeowners and see their different styles and tastes. It's so interesting, to me, to see what makes a perfect home for someone. Minimal, country, vintage, or maximal (new word?), etc.

This home was shot for Style At Home, propped by Stephanie Vogler (The Cross) and it's featured in the current issue. The homeowners are minimalists, and don't like to live with a lot of stuff. At all. Lots of white and concrete but, with some carefully selected vintage and antique wood pieces, along with their collection of McCoy pottery, it feels warm.

Homeowner, Patty, has a beautiful collection of McCoy pottery and had built in shelves created to  display it all. Still manages to keep it spare looking. 

I actually shot this couple's last home, a few years back, for a magazine called Canadian Home and Country. Take a look at the new issue of Style At Home for a few pics of their last home, mixed in with this one. It's quite a change. 

Do you think you could live minimally? Let me know!

Have a good weekend!


Razmataz said...

I could....I keep watching episodes of Grand Designs Australia and seeing how so many people are embracing a more minimal style. You should check it out on Youtube if you don't already watch it.

PinkPanthress said...

Oy, wey is mir. Such lovely images!

I love the clean look of minimalism, though I am not perfect at being a minimalist myself.
What with all those beautiful mugs & books to collect... ;)

Le said...

I am loving that kitchen - what a delight :) as always your images are juts stunning :) best le xox

lisaroyhandbags said...

Such a pretty home! I always admire people who can live minimally and keep that clean, uncluttered look. I'm too much of a collector to keep things that minimal, even though I'd love to be able to live that way, I guess it's just not in my nature. :)

design elements said...

Janis, I'm in love with your images. There are so special. They touch... I can live minimally. Sensual minimalism :-) Happy weekend said...

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