Friday, November 8, 2013

T'is the Season

Happy Friday!

It may be a little early for Christmas, for some (is it?), but it's everywhere right now. Thought I'd share a festive story I shot for Style At Home along with editor-in-chief, Erin McLaughlin. Cheryl and Natasha, the mom and daughter team of Little White House, created a cozy, cabin-style Christmas with vintage papers, lace, and ribbons, along with linen and burlap.  This story is in the current issue of Style At Home. Here are some more pics from the shoot.....

When do you set up for Christmas? Are you a stickler for tradition, and keep your decor the same every year, or do you change it up? Do you make a lot of your own decorations, like in this story? I would love to know!   

For the entire story, the ladies of Little White House have put it up on their website. Click here to read more.


Razmataz said...

Oh, I love that vintage table painted silver....brilliant.

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Pretty! I just received my SAH in the mail today, I'm looking forward to delving into this lovely story. I'll be hauling out the decorations after next weekend. I welcome the Christmas decorations pushing the Halloween ones out the door. I'm not a fan of Halloween and I sure wish my neighbours would take the zombies off their lawn.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I love that cute little dining room! It looks perfectly cozy and inviting!

It's pretty much the same old same old for Christmas in my house every year, but I LOVE pulling out all my tree ornaments and remembering all the special places we got them and the times in my life when I bought them. It's always a little trip down memory lane :)

Lisa said...

Just had high tea in that lovely little room. What a treat! Beautiful pictures

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Your images are brilliant and beautiful as always!

My daughter and I are enjoying our "Butter Baked Books"!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Gorgeous shots! I usually have a white theme going for Christmas, though all of my decorations are in storage until we move back to Canada. In the meantime, I've got a little table top tree that I've added a few decorations to, mostly in white and aqua. I think I should make a few new ones this year. :)

Hildi said...

I love this, it left me with such a Christmassy feeling.

Vintage Home said...

All things old somethings new ..and always red white and some blue! Plus Gold Silver and tons of greenery!

nesting journal said...

love these glasses. was this etched on? where can one find these?

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Too cute! Love the rustic backdrop and those chandeliers are amazing!!

AnnaVallance said...

We are very traditional when it comes to Christmas; we decorate a Woodwards tree with homemade and craft fair ornaments, a few lights, a homemade pine chain garland, and to top it off, a pine star my husband made over thirty years ago.

elisa said...

the white chairs with the texture rubbing through make my heart skip. isn't that a funny thing when it happens? looks fun! x said...

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