Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Cocktail Party

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend.

I thought this post went up last week...I see it didn't! We shot this holiday party with the The Cascade Group (Charlie's, Union, Cascade Room, El Camino's), my family's restaurants, for the new BC Living magazine. Chef Lisa Henderson (aka my sister-in-law) of Union, and bar genius Nick Devine (co-owner), created party snacks and cocktails to start the holiday season off right. Let's just say, this was a fun shoot ;) Here's a sample...

"Boleripitas" and "Guasacaca" For recipe click here.

"The Snow Blower" For recipe click here.

"Whisky Galore" For recipe click here.

"Panabas" For recipe, click here

Heather Cameron was on hand for the party shoot as well, along with Amy and Felice of BC Living magazine. Thanks to Kate (sister-in-law) for hosting the shoot, and pulling some of her decorations. You can get all the recipes from the issue, on stands now, or on the iPad version. 

Do you like to entertain? If you do, do you make your own party food, or do you order out? Let me know! I tend to do a little of both. 

Have a great day! 


claire said...

Wow, those cocktails look scrumptious. I love to entertain, but don't really have the space for more than a party of four in my London apartment. Nice pics!
Claire xx

Vintage Home said...

we love to entertain here and those cocktails look fabulous...and the drinks names alone are enough for me to go straight into the cupboard grab my vintage glasses and start mixing. As always inspiration is deep here! Thanks! said...

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