Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Observations

Oh Sunday, you always seem to appear out of nowhere. We had a bit of summer today, so we took advantage of it. It was a great day! These are a few of my observations for today...

VanDusen Botanical Garden has been around since the 70's, but is now in the middle of a huge rejuvenation project. The image at bottom left, is a model of the new Visitor Centre. Apparently it will be 
Canada's first certified "living building". It's quite an amazing project. Click here, for more info.   

The Found and The Freed, is a fantastic "pop-up" shop here in Vancouver. It's in Gastown, and will be there until July 16th. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it! Lots of great stuff. I found a really well used, "hovis" bread tin so, naturally, I had to buy it. They've sold heaps, but will be adding more great "found and freed" stuff over the next week. See you there?

At the end of the day, we popped by our favourite neighbourhood shop, Walrus, to visit with our friends, 
Caroline and Daniel. Couldn't go empty handed, so we shared a bottle of Prosecco with them. Nice way to wrap up the weekend! While there, I noticed they have a great selection of "plants in a bag, bottle or box". Love the hydroponic herbs (top right), in a recycled wine bottle, and would love the "gingko tree-to-be". Any of these would make a perfect hostess gift...or any kind of gift for that matter ;)

One last thing: I did a post for Poppytalk today. A little long weekend travel inspiration for this summer. Check it out, if you have a moment. Have you been to Tofino BC? Let me know!

It was so nice to just hang out this weekend and relax. What did you guys get up to? Fill me in!

Back soon!


shellie said...

im in love with that little model.

elisa rathje said...

sounds like a brilliant weekend, i'm going to have to look up the found and the freed. exciting about the van dusen building! dinner at the cafeteria with a dear friend, jazz festival, jumping the sprinkler in the garden, very quiet. x

lisaroyhandbags said...

sounds like a great weekend with lots of interesting stuff to do. I'm so glad you got a nice day - it sounds like Vancouver has had a bit of a cool summer so far. Gorgeous pics - loving the float plane :)

Mary Hudson said...

Wow, your weekend sounds fantastic! I popped over to the Mini Maker Faire for work, which was hilarious and awesome. My friend and I felt very out of place with so many mechanical, robotic, electronic smarty-pants around.

Jan | Poppytalk said...

you always have the inside scoop on things! thanks so much for the post - it's such an amzing spot!

paperpocket said...

I want a tree to be!!!!!!! Your weekend looks like perfection. The shops in Vancouver look amazing. My friend and I tried to go vintage shopping and it was a complete disaster. UK does not DO vintage unless you're in London :P

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

and wonderful
keep on


PinkPanthress said...

You had quite an interesting Sunday I must say.
As always I adore your shots of what you did or experienced!
I love the shot of that Korean(?) Building on the upper right corner of the first image most. Such vivid colours! ❤

Now to what I did this weekend? On Saturday I got a nostril-piercing & on Sunday I did nothing but lay back with a book & music to relax, since I had to start a huge new project on Monday. :)

And now I am off to visit all those links you left here in your Post.