Saturday, June 18, 2011

Modernist Buildings in Vancouver

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a nice weekend, so far. 

I went to a great talk the other night, at the Museum of Vancouver called "Preserving Modernist Buildings in Vancouver". It was put on by Heritage Vancouver Society. It was pretty hideous to learn about all the beautiful modernist buildings that have disappeared over the years. I don't understand why this happens in this city. They tend to save 100 year old homes and buildings quite often, which is fantastic, but mid-century buildings do not get the same care and respect. I think it's important to preserve a city's history, as much as possible, and not just commercial buildings but some of the homes that were built by some of the best architects in Canada, like Arthur Erickson and Douglas Simpson. Thought I'd share a couple examples of this style with you. I hope to be able to document many more, of this period, over the next few months.

This is the Museum of Vancouver where the talk took place. This is not really in the modernist building group, but I adore this place and wanted to share it with you. It was designed by Gerald Hamilton and opened in 1968. Have you been to the museum? It's a pretty great place, and worth checking out. 

The Park Board Office in Stanley Park, is one of my favourite buildings in Vancouver. I'm not sure who the architect was, but it was built in 1961. I love all the windows, stone, and the huge pendant lights are beautiful. 

One of the many modernist buildings on the U.B.C. campus. Worth a walk about.

I wish Vancouver would take a close look at Palm Springs and how they protect and preserve their modernist buildings. It's a modernist building lover's paradise there. 

That's my rant for today. What's it like in your city? Are your modernist buildings protected? Do you like the modernist style? I'd love to know what you think.

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dreams on 34th street said...

We (Seattle here) still have a few of the buildings that were built for the World's Fair in 1962. The Pacific Science Center is the hallmark.
Vancouver is a beautiful city. We visit once a year!I love your blog!
I'm a new follower!

PinkPanthress said...

I will never understand why people see the need to tear down or let decay buildings anyway.

Where I live, there are only one or two modernist buildings if I am not mistaken.
But here people do not have the 'teard-down-and-build-it-bigger' mentality, so I guess we do look after our buildings, whatever Era they are from.

I am okay with almost any architecture style whether it is modernist, baroque etc...

MissBliss said...

love these pictures and buildings. I live in Miami Beach, Florida, in the art deco district of South Beach.

I loved many of the buildings before I knew how hard people had worked to preserve MiMo (Miami Modern).

Check it out... it's lovely. You should come visit ;)

silverpebble said...

There aren't too many mid century buildings in Cambridge, UK and those that were built (they tended to be newer University colleges) are derided, which is a great shame. I suppose it's all too easy to focus on the twelfth to sixteenth century architecture and neglect the more recent gems. It's wonderful to see the mid century buildings in Vancouver. I especiallhy like that UBC building. It reminds me a little of Frank Lloyd Wright's style.

Nathalie Van Volsom said...

Hi, Janis
Cela fait un moment que je voulais moi aussi vous faire découvrir où je vis, c'est chose faite !!!
Ton article tombe donc au bon moment.
Voilà mon village :
Greeting from South of France,

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

These are pretty shots of beautiful buildings, Janis.
Much inspiration!
Have a sweetest of Sundays o xx o

elisa rathje said...

old buildings in this city have a distressing habit of burning down, as well. not to mention the old neon on hastings almost entirely disappearing. i nearly cried when the toys-r-us sign went over the bowmac, and when that great old pub on, what was it, homer and hastings? lost it's neon waterfall. such a shame.

your photographs are important. sometimes just to preserve the memory, but often to inspire preservation of the place. xx

lisaroyhandbags said...

Great shots. I know, isn't it sad to see these gems torn down and replaced with quickly constructed boxes with no character or architectural significance? Growing up in northern Ontario, the newspaper office was in a great art deco building situated on a corner, the only one of its kind in town. The newspaper eventually outgrew the building and sadly it sat vacant for many years until the city tore it down, citing no money to maintain it.

kate / tinywarbler said...

oh, swoon! i love your shots of the museum janis, that is such a great building! (and giant crab)
you know i'm on your side on this one. palm springs is a perfect example of how we should roll.

Jan | Poppytalk said...

i couldn't agree with you more. i love the museum of vancouver - and the pictures you took. i hadn't see that one at ubc - lovely.
: )

lesley [smidgebox] said...

great post janis. i am with you 100%!!
i adore the museum of vancouver. we got married there, on the grass right outside, with hors d'oeuvres on the back patio, looking out over the inlet at sunset. such great memories! one of my fave photos from that day is a great friend standing on the grass overlooking the party, with that fabulous oval-patterned wall in the background. love it. i will always have fond memories of that building. even a pic of me in my wedding dress posing with the crab!

great shots, thanks for a lovely post.