Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My new hobby almost killed me

Well maybe not killed, but if I had fallen down the stairs, after I got tangled in a ball of yarn, I would have probably broken a bone. I didn't know knitting could be so dangerous. See reenactment above.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. I'm working on a new project, trying to get my etsy shop set up again, and our garage is being turned into a screen printing workshop for my husband. I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last post!

Back to my hazardous hobby. After my near death experience, because of a ball of yarn, I decided to get a fraction more organized. I picked up a very cute 50's suitcase at Stepback - they have heaps. Now I've got all my yarn, needles, scissors, crochet hooks, etc., in one spot. I feel very grown up. Any other ideas, knitters, as to how to store knitting accessories?

 Bad storage of yarn.

Better storage of yarn. Cuter too.

Now I'd like to get all my dvds of images all sorted out. I have hundreds of them.  I would love to have these drawers that I saw at Stepback as well, in my office. So much better than how I currently store them.

 These dvds (left), would be better off stored in these drawers....and they'd look great in my office.

Finally had my old chair reupholstered. It's in a very happy blue fabric from Maharam . It looks perfect in our living/dining room area, sitting beside the china cabinet and a painting by my husband, Rob.

Before, ratty gold. After, happy blue.

On the knitting theme, I spotted this festooned stop sign near my gym (which I hardly ever visit). I've heard about "urban knitting" before, but I've never seen it in person. I love how someone decided that the stop sign should have a little scarf, went home, made one, came back and wrapped it around the stop sign.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Turning Japanese

It's cherry blossom festival time, here in Vancouver. I love spring. This year spring started in February, just in time for the Winter Olympics. Oh well, the city is in bloom and it looks beautiful.

The Nitobe Memorial Garden is located at U.B.C., and each April  they hold an Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing). This year it takes place on April 10th. Click here for more details.  Last year, I took part in a traditional tea ceremony, as well.  It was really lovely to watch, and so quiet and gentle.

Is your city in bloom yet? Happy Spring everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's your idea of a perfect home?

First I have to say, so much for my "staying in touch" post....10 days ago. I've had back to back shoots (yeah! work is picking up again!), so it's been kind of bonkers. I must learn how to multi-task.

Back to this post....
My idea of a "perfect home" is a place that can be calming and comforting. I'm not a minimal person, but I like a bit of order. Mid-century modern mixed with travel souvenirs, vintage bits, art work, and piles of magazines and books, pretty much sums up our home.  I see loads of homes in my line of work, and I love it when the home reflects the homeowner's personality. The book, Home (pictured above), is all about , well, Home. Stafford Cliff interviews 50 well known people, such as Donna Hay, Lulu Guinness and Eva Zeisel, and asks them what their homes mean to them. Loved it.

Late last year, I photographed two very different homes for this month's issue of House and Home magazine. Both homes were winners (along with 4 other homes) of House and Home's annual Design Contest. One home was kind of a "glamorous" traditional style, while the other was more mid-century modern. As I've already mentioned, I lean towards mid-century modern. What style do you lean towards? I'd love to know (I am a bit of a snoop)!

I adored this home, and the family that lives there were pretty great too. Click here to read more.

This next home was quite traditional, but with a bit of a girlie glamorous side to it. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.

One last thing...
A big thank you to Ulla, of Lu Prints, for these sweet owl print coasters. I recently worked with Ulla, and her dog Fin, on a shoot about Ulla and her beautiful work. She makes the best veggie sandwiches too ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Staying in Touch

I really do try to "stay in touch" with old friends these days. It dawned on me, that I had lost touch with so many old friends after they moved, or we moved. Why? It just takes a few minutes to jot a note, or ring them up, fire off an email or facebook (not a huge fan). Life does get busy, but really. Do you "stay in touch"?

With keeping in touch in mind, I made these note cards that I use all the time. They are about 5x7, so you don't have to write a novel. I will, at some point, have some for sale (next project should be about procrastination!). I love hand written notes.

On a final note, I won the apron and oven mitts giveaway from Nicole Jane Home . Whoohoo! Thanks Jennifer. I felt very lady-like while making a cake the other day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Drum roll please.....

The winner of the my first giveaway, for an Evokativ Canadiana t-shirt, is Passport in My Pocket.  Congratulations!  Thanks to all who participated. It was fun....I'm going to have to do this more often.

Due to an "Olympic" size hangover, I'm keeping it light today. I don't over do it often, but when I do it's not good. That was some hockey game! 

Until Wednesday, I leave you with a shot of a Julio Iglesias record in a tree. Poor Julio.