Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beautiful British Columbia

That's what it says on our license plates, here in B.C., and it is.  There is another 'slogan' out there, on some plates, but I'm not a fan of that one. I'll stick with Beautiful British Columbia.

With all the Olympic talk going on, lack of snow, warm spring-like temperatures, I'm feeling very British Columbian. I've posted a few pics of B.C. today. 

Tofino, B.C. at sunrise.

Locarno Beach, Vancouver B.C.

The tiny town of Hedley, B.C. 

West Arm Bridge - Nelson, B.C.

Totem poles at Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C.

If you have a spare 9 minutes, this is an interesting look at Vancouver and Victoria, in 1936, by James A. Fitzpatrick for Traveltalks.

One more thing....happy Australia Day to my husband Rob, and all Australians! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in action

I've taken the last week off to really do not much. Sometimes I just need to do that. It's been nice watching a hockey game with my mom whilst knitting (first time ever!), going through piles of old magazines and removing them from the house (not all magazines age well), baking lots of cookies and eating them, and throwing in a bit of actual work. It's also been great to see people donating so generously to relief efforts in Haiti. As the world knows, the Haitians have a very long road ahead of them, so they need all the assistance they can get, and they seem to be getting it.

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner so I thought I'd do a post on Omer Arbel, the architect and industrial designer who created the 2010 Olympic medals. Have you seen them yet? Click here for a look and a video. Really interesting to hear how they came about this design. Love them? Hate them? Not sure? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I shot Omer for Canadian House and Home a few months ago. He's featured in the Style Files section of the current issue. He was lovely to work with, as was everyone that works with him.
The image at the top, and all the following images, are from that shoot. I love a good, open, warehouse space.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Needs Help

I was all ready to do a new post last night but, after watching news reports about the horrendous earthquake in Haiti, I lost interest. I'm sure many of you have been watching the horrible events unfold. The scenes of the aftermath are so heart-wrenching and tragic. No food or water, no way of getting much needed medical attention, and so many people still trapped under piles of rubble. They need help. Please check out these websites and, if you are able to, donate what you can.  Every penny will help!

Update for Canadians: The Canadian Government will match all donations up to $50M, meaning $100M to Haitians!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I've been tagged!

The lovely Vanessa, at Designs by Vanessa, tagged me, so here I go. Never been tagged before, so I'm learning something new in the blog world!

1. Your hair? It's dark brown, slightly wavy, and can be very frizzy...which is most often as I live in a very rainy city. It also needs to be cut!!
2. Your favorite food? Maple syrup. It's a condiment, really. Very Canadian, and it goes with everything.
3. Your favorite drink? If I was bad, I'd say sparkling wine or champagne, but because I'm not bad, I'll say ginger ale (the champagne of ginger ales).
4. Your dream/goal? My Aussie husband and I would love to have a little house tucked away in the Victorian (Australia) countryside, and a little cabin in the tropics somewhere. Sigh. I'll keep dreaming.
5. Your hobby? My new hobby seems to be knitting. I've made 3 scarves in the last 2 weeks. They're actually not too bad, but I wouldn't want to show any 'real' knitters!
6. Your fear? A real knitter seeing my scarves! That and body scanners. They see EVERYTHING.
7. Where were you last night? Unfortunately, I was busy watching the Canadian Jr. hockey team lose, in OT, to the U.S. team at the Cascade Room. Being a "good sport" I have to say congratulations U.S.A.!
8. Something you say all the time? Well, I think I'm the same as Vanessa. I say 'fabulous' way too often. My husband would say that I say "it's true, and you know it" way too much!
9. Something that you’re not? Sporty. I don't play sports, but I like to watch sports. I'm not overly outdoorsy either.
I've attached this video of a very sweet song called 'Outdoor Type' by Evan Dando. Vanessa, I think you'll like it too!

10. Wishlist item? A new bathroom.
11. Last thing you did? Spoke to the editor of International Architecture and Design, about a shoot.
12. What are you wearing? I feel like lying, but I won't. Stretchy pants with paints splotches, an old sweater, and mismatched socks. Pretty.
13. Your pets? We had a perfect dog, Plugger, but he died last summer.
14. Friends? Amazing and supportive group of people.
15. Missing someone? Plugger and Nikki (she's in England for the next while).
16. Something you’re not wearing? Anything nice.
17. Your favorite store? Walrus, in Vancouver, and Kabinett in Kyneton (Australia).
18. Your favorite color? Teal(ish) blue, turquoise, greens. It's hard to name just one colour. I love them all, really!
19. The last time you cried? I'm sobbing right now! Ha-ha. I probably cried a couple of days ago. Doesn't take much.
20. When's the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago, with the editor of the magazine I'm shooting a story for. We were laughing about all the great new underwear we should be buying in case we have to go through entire body scanners (see 'fears' above).
21. One place that I go to over and over? Chinatown.
22. Where do you eat? My husband is one of the owners of a couple of restaurants, Habit and The Cascade Room, so we go there often! Oh, and Latitude, my brother's restaurant.

Some of my favourite things. Chinatown, hockey, and maple syrup.

I really don't know how this works, but I think it's my turn to tag a few fellow bloggers. Here we go!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a perfect new years eve, and are not feeling too seedy. I feel quite perky this morning...not enough champagne, I guess. The picture above, is what's left of our soiree for two.

We were up and at 'em early this morning, to check out remnants of last night. I love early morning revelers. Sleepy, slow walkers, happy (drunk?) faces. This girl made me smile, with those chirpy tights, tulle skirt, and tiger striped drum trimmed with feathers and strapped to her back. I would love to know where she had been.

More morning after shots. Where did those balloons come from? Who's head did that new year's hat adorn? Who was that person jumping over the puddle?

Wishing you all have a spectacular 2010! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs in the new year. Fellow Vancouverites, brace yourselves for the Olympics.